Saturday, February 5, 2011

Huh !! im not arrogant oke ...

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hye my name laika...why u guys call me arrogant...huh !!! btw im not arrogant okay...who's friend with me since standed 1 and form 1 they know my character and u guys dont jugde me oke...if u guys want to be my friend just chat with me at x u not really know me u guys main jugde aq jew nie bkan nye arrogant pn yg korng nk jugde aq uh pn pelik r ngn korng nie mcm arrogant kew ha ??? yg korng nk jugde2 aq nie...korng jugde2 aq nie , korng x seda what your new friens uh ckap ape psal korn...msty lbih dri aq your new friend jugde korng..if u guys hve new friend msty dorng not like to be your friend becoz ske aty korng jew nk jugde2 org...cermin r dri uh dlu sblom nk jugde2 pn x tau r pagai ko cm ne an sbb kite lom knal aty budi msing2...GO TO HELL R U GUYS !!!